Screenshots ViPEC header

Below you can see some eye candy of ViPEC in action. Just click on the thumbnails for a more detailed image.

Editor The ViPEC editor window.

The editor window is devided into the schematic viewer and the navigation panel. The circuit schematic is drawn in the schematic viewer using the available toolbars. In the navigation panel the simulation environment is defined. Note that you can enter the component values as variables. This is useful when you want to make use of the Tuner tool to change certain component values in a defined range. See the documentation for more details.

Grid chart The Grid output window

In the navigation window (see the first screenshot) a grid output was defined to plot the frequency response of the simple VHF filter. In this example S11 and S21 were defined as outputs.

Smith chart The Smith Chart output window

Similar to the Grid output a Smith chart output can be defined in the navigation window. In this plot S11 and S21 are shown.

Smith chart The Tuner tool

The tuner tool is very useful to fine tune your design. In this example of a simple VHF bandpass filter the component values of the resonant part of the filter have been chosen as variables, C2, L and Q1. In the navigation panel the possible range of values for each component have been defined. Using the Tuner tool these component values can be then changed using a simple dialog with slide rulers.